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Stuff you get for free as a CSU student

  As Uni students, there is no sweeter sound than hearing the word ‘FREE.’ Being a Charles Sturt student lands you more free perks than you may know, check them out: 1. Free library services: When you feel like there is nowhere to...

Be happy with tech

Never lose your work again!

Have you ever been in the situation where you have lost your USB drive? Or had your computer freeze up or die on you right when you needed it? Or would you like the flexibility of accessing your files anywhere? The Cloud is just what you need to...

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Media junkie? This one’s for you

OK… so you obviously are a media junkie because you’re now reading this article! This is an event not to be missed. On Friday 11 August at the Wal Fife Theatre at CSU’s Wagga Wagga Campus, there’s a public lecture from...

Indigenous Student Success: Be the best you can be

If you’re an Indigenous Student at CSU, listen up! CSU’s Indigenous Student Success Program (ISSP), formally known as ITAS, is here to support your success throughout the course of your studies. Why should you get involved with the ISSP? There are...

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