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Prioritising mental health: My experience at a wellness retreat

Prioritising mental health: My experience at a wellness retreat


During this busy session, Jennifer Smith reminds you just how important it is to prioritise your wellbeing. Read below for some handy tips on how to stay organised and prioritise your nutrition with a busy uni schedule.

Written by Jennifer Smith

Enjoy your wellness in a hectic uni schedule and place value on yourself with time out for you.

I learnt from my first year out of home to take care of myself and make the most of my downtime to care for my mental health.

Loving life means making the most of the time you have, even if there are assignments due and other priorities to manage.

Jennifer had the chance to meet some new friends and learn a lot from a health retreat in northern QLD!

Preparing your meals for the week ahead is a great way to stay organised and also ensures your body is getting the nutrition it needs.

There is one method I had previously used and have now adapted it. It takes reading a recipe fast, ingredients, method and prep.

I allow 45 minutes for more difficult meals and less time for the simplistic ones. I use key nutritionist resources to guide my lifestyle as they are a fount of knowledge.

I have my wellness retreat cookbook on hand ready to go anytime I don’t understand how to eat well. The wellness retreat recipe flavours influenced my entire youth.

A stunning view at the retreat.

If you need guidance, JS health app has a lot of recipes that are kind on time limits.

For a more authentic retreat at home, these take longer but taste great – “Purely Golden Door: Essential Recipes For Health and Vitality”.  

My method for approaching the week ahead that was helpful, was to cook two dinner recipes, protein smoothies all week (not forever just during training) and a light lunch.

Smoothies are just one protein of choice from Nutraorganics for multifunctioning nutrients for daily brain function, everyone has their preference.

Wellness overall is acing your study time for the rest you need and then time to do the rest. Tea was also always available and their signature tea many guests love, you may have your own also.

A day on a wellness retreat would be a 5am start with a tea or water ready to go, Bose music ready for a gym workout and a nice leisurely walk in the outdoors in the air for wellness, then by 7am breakfast ready to go, stretch class or recovery in the gym, daily timetable and dinner 7pm onwards.

On campus I have mine prepped on one day ready to go, or quickly if not prepared.

Your mind is your key asset also and nourishing comes from understanding, the power of a transformed mind.

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