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Top tips to plan your timetable!

by Scarlett Hurst and Charize Santiago Timetables are out and we are getting closer to the first day of Session 2! You may be feeling excited about starting but nervous about how to fit study into your busy life schedule. Well, with our top tips you...

two young people in a pharmacy

A day in the life of a Pharmacy student

By Ella Pham I’m not new to this whole uni business. I studied for two years at university before coming to CSU, but I’d never left home before as I’m originally from Sydney. The idea of moving away was so daunting that I put it off a couple of...

university essentials - glasses, ruler and pens

How to Ensure Your Start of Session is Sorted

The start of session can be pretty overwhelming. You have to get your head around new subjects, new classrooms, new teachers – all while readjusting to uni life. And we all know how hard it can be to tear yourself away from holiday mode...

female and male studying together

Babes vs Books: Balancing Study and Relationships

Uni is a time of making new friends, building new relationships, and – of course – getting busy. It’s pretty normal to want to explore romantic relationships in an adult context during your uni years. There are loads of hot and...

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