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Babes vs Books: Balancing Study and Relationships

Babes vs Books: Balancing Study and Relationships

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Uni is a time of making new friends, building new relationships, and – of course – getting busy. It’s pretty normal to want to explore romantic relationships in an adult context during your uni years. There are loads of hot and interesting people within an arm’s reach, and you’re bound to have chemistry with at least a few of them. But as much fun as this may be, it’s important to remember the reason you came to uni in the first place – to study!

So here are some hot tips to ensure that you leave uni with great grades as well as a great relationship.


Just as you would plan a study timetable when you’re single, it’s really helpful to plan your partner into your schedule. Have set times for each aspect of your life, for example, you always study on Thursday nights, but Saturday afternoons are specifically set aside for bae. Remember to work with your special friend when planning your schedule together. You aren’t the only one with a hectic life, you know!

Share the Study

Although bae and the books generally need to be separated, it can be super efficient to find a way to spend time together while you study. Ideally, you can study together, taking cute breaks every hour to drink juiceboxes and kiss, but your partner doing work stuff, wasting time on Facebook, or playing PC games next to you works too. It’s just like spending time together, except you don’t actually have to interact with each other.


Although your honey may seem like the most important person in the universe, don’t forget about the other aspects of your life that are crucial. Study, work, sleeping, family time all factor into the equation. Although spending hours making out may seem fun now, you still need to pay the bills and pass your exam. And a good partner will understand and support all your needs!


Despite the recent popularity of Netflix and chill, the same concept cannot and should not be applied to studying and chill. As nice as it is to have your honey boo around you at all times, you both know that this will only end up distracting you. It’s okay to chat to your partner about your funny tutorials or your exam stress, but when you’ve got a fast-approaching deadline and your head is in the books, you need to separate the snuggle bunnies and the 1,000-word essays. It’s for the best. And the sooner you smash out that referencing, the sooner you can go back to canoodling.

Study Zones

Establishing physical study spaces and boundaries can be super beneficial to balancing study and love, especially if you happen to live with your significant other, or spend way too much time at their house. Having a desk, reading nook, or glittery ‘keep out’ sign will help you to non-verbally designate your study zones and let your partner know that you’re having some sexy time with your lecture notes and need a couple of hours to yourself.

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