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Taking Care of Yourself: Keeping Yourself Hydrated Throughout the Day

Taking Care of Yourself: Keeping Yourself Hydrated Throughout the Day

Keeping our bodies hydrated is important for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it is vital to keep our bodies hydrated to maintain our physical health. Secondly, by drinking enough water we can improve our mental health so that we are able to make better decisions and think clearly without becoming frustrated or irritable. In addition, being hydrated can improve sleep so helps improve our ability to study!

How can we maintain hydration? Usually we are aware of drinking approximately two litres of water a day. However, there are many other ways in which we can consume water that we may not be aware about.  

Here is a list of four ways which can help you with your daily hydration requirements!

Tip One: Buy a 2 L Bottle!

Buy a 2L bottle where you can and take regular sips throughout the day. Do not stress too much if you cannot drink it all in a day as you consume liquid in other forms. In addition, you are minimising plastic waste by reusing your bottle!

Tip Two: Tea for Two?

Tea is one of those drinks that is flexible in two ways. You can have it hot or cold. With a renewed focus on cold teas, there are products that allow you to add specific tea to water without the required heat up. This allows you to have that flavoured drink on the go without having to worry about any unnecessary sugar intakes.

Tip Three: Fruit and Vegetables.

It is important to consume the right amount of fruit and vegetables. Aim for your five pieces of fruit and vegetables each day. By working these into meals as part of your breakfast, lunch or dinner and treats, you will be getting the right about of nutrients whilst also helping your liquid intake.

Tip Four: Download an App!

If you are extremely busy, there are many apps that assist in reminding you when to drink water. These apps take away the pressure of remembering that you must keep taking sips throughout the day. Once these healthy habits become routine, you’ll find that you won’t need any more reminders!

Don’t forget…

Lastly, don’t forget that eating a balanced diet along with exercise will help just as much as drinking enough fluid. You will gradually find that studying becomes easier for you and your mind will be sharper.

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