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New Year, New Me?

New Year, New Me?

by Lucy Perrie

Christmas is done and dusted for another year as is New Years Eve, as we all counted down together with fireworks in the background to a new year and indeed a new decade.

As we welcome a new year, now is the time to stick to those new year’s resolutions and kick off the new year the right way.

Don’t have any new year’s resolutions to stick to? Check out some ideas below.

Get a job or internship

At the start of the year, you have a bit of time under your sleeve, so put it to use by finding a summer internship. This will set you apart from your fellow classmates and future employers by showing that you will go the extra mile, and who doesn’t love a dedicated worker?

On the other hand, if you’re lacking the motivation to learn and want to earn some money, find yourself a job. Whether it’s hospitality, nannying, tutoring or coaching, any job you have will make your summer a little more enjoyable, and some extra cash in your wallet is no bad thing. Remember, money is freedom!

Get in shape

It can get a bit busy in semester to be able to exercise and eat right, so starting fresh in summer is the perfect time to get into a new routine.

Whether that’s simply getting out in the fresh air and walking your dog or joining a new gym, every bit helps.


If you’re a bookworm or simply love a good magazine, this is the time to relax and be productive by reading and learning something new.

Soaking up the sun at the beach with a good book in hand is such an amazing way to switch off from the stresses of the term before and boost positivity for the year ahead.


Travelling during the uni year is often impossible for many students with the costs of living sometimes taking a toll on our goals.

If you’re back living at home this summer, why not go on that summer vacation you’ve always yearned for? Roadtripping with friends is a great way to save money, and to explore some hidden gems of Australia. It can even be a weekend away and a chance to reconnect with friends you haven’t seen over the year.

Pick up a hobby

Maybe you haven’t touched your guitar all year. Maybe you haven’t picked up your paintbrush to start an artwork because you haven’t had the time. Use summer to do the things you once loved doing. Take time for you to reconnect to the things you are passionate about.

Revamp your room

A good working environment can make or break your productivity when studying. Prepare yourself if you’re doing a subject over the summer by reorganising your room and boosting your productivity. A clean room equates to a clean mind and a greater capacity to learn!

Spend time with family

When you’re living on campus, it’s easy to neglect relationships with family and old friends. Take time this summer to focus on those relationships, and give them the time they deserve.

Start the year off the way you want and hopefully for you, it’ll be the best year ever.

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