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How to deal with mental overload or stress

How to deal with mental overload or stress

We’ve all been there. You’re under pressure to submit assignments, work is tiring you out, stuff just keeps going wrong and there’s so much you want to achieve but you just can’t seem to get any of it done.

If you’ve hit this point, the best possible thing you can do is grab a soothing cup of jasmine tea, sit down with pen and paper, and make a list.

Your list:

Make a list of everything you are stressing or worrying about.

Big things, little things, long term, short term. Everything from maintaining friendships to buying toilet paper.

Don’t worry about how long it takes. Write everything down so it doesn’t add to your stress.

From here, you want to sort your list into three sections:

  1. Things you can solve now
  2. Things you have to solve at a later date
  3. Things to simply remember to do

For example, graduating with HD average would be under the solve at a later date section, while writing an essay ahead of time can be done now and buying cereal can be listed as something to remember to do that day. 

While you’re at it, write down long term items on your lists and turn that into a goal or dream board.

These are your dreams, so you shouldn’t be worrying or stressing. Take each step as it comes and you’ll get there one day.

Get a diary:

If you don’t have one already, you MUST buy a diary. It helps you stress less and makes you feel like a ‘real’ adult!

In your diary, mark down a to-do list for each day.

Be sure that it’s an achievable to-do list and fill in all events for the rest of the year… due dates for assignments and any other little activities you have committed to.

This will take such a load off your mind and should erase the reminders/short term lists. 

It’s also really helpful if you remember that 10 years from now, will you care about what you did today? Will you even remember it?

Probably not, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it. Try your best and be kind. That’s what is most important.

It’s a learning process, so take some time to adapt your mentality. Starting with a list is a great first step!


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