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Tips to maintain your health

Tips to maintain your health

We spend our days juggling too many commitments and thinking about all the things that we have to accomplish.

Sometimes we forget our most valuable asset which is ourselves! Here are a few tips to take care of YOU:

Eat well.

This may seem easy enough but it really is not.

When you are buried with assessments, work and lack of sleep, your eating habits may slowly but surely be neglected.

Don’t let this happen. Health is wealth!

Stay away from stress.

Focus on the present. Do not overthink about everything that you need to do.

Everything can be done at its best one step at a time.

Think positively about yourself.

Feel good look good, right? Think positively about yourself to avoid lowering yourself esteem.

This will also encourage you to get better at things that you are already good at and believe that you can improve on your weaknesses!

Avoid too much caffeine.

As students and employees we live and breathe for caffeine! This actually becomes a need for most of us to stay up and be able to focus more.

Try water or maybe juice to feel more refreshed when spending extra hours in your studies.

Be active.

Did you know that to be considered an active person you need to at least have done a minimum of 10,000 steps? Try doing this everyday!

Sleep well.

Getting enough sleep is not a waste of time. This is you taking care of yourself and gaining more energy to be more productive.


Turn the TV, laptop and phone off. Don’t read any textbooks, instead focus on you for even just 15 minutes per day!

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