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How to survive travelling on a budget

How to survive travelling on a budget

Reaching the end of your degree and looking for a dream getaway adventure? More often than not, the thing that holds individuals back from pursuing their desire to travel is money.

This how-to guide will give you the reassurance that travelling on a budget is possible and enjoyable!

1. Get a job overseas

If you’re keen on staying overseas for a long period of time, it is worth finding a job. Europe, in particular, has a plethora of restaurants with the booming tourism industry, so why not do a summer season in Greece?

You can lap up those sun-bathing days and swim in the Mediterranean waters guilt-free, knowing you have a fun, part-time job under your belt.

2. Work as a hostel receptionist

Whether you’re travelling abroad or having a quick getaway to Byron Bay, hostels are always hiring friendly, young staff to help out. What’s even better than being paid for greeting and making friends with other young travellers, is that you often get free or discounted accommodation!

This will loosen up your budget and allow you to spend more on food, activities and tourist-y adventures.

3. Walk or use public transport

When travelling on a budget, be prepared to take the long route and walk. Rather than get a taxi to the beach or to the shopping centre, simply walk or get a bus.

This will up your steps for the day and make up for all that guilty holiday food!

4. Take advantage of free taste testers

All over the world, there are often food markets and stalls with plenty of free testers and trust me, this is heaven for a young traveller when you’re out of money!

Instead of buying lunch that day, simply pop over to a store and fill your belly with delicious foods from the local cuisine.

5. Go on free walking tours

You don’t have to pay for all guided walking tours – there are many free ones all around the world, from Paris to Sydney to Jerusalem and more.

This way, you’ll get to see and learn more about the place you are visiting, from a local expert and save the dosh in your pocket.

Travelling is all about being open to new experiences, meeting new people and having the best time possible but remember to spend your money wisely, so you don’t have to book an early flight home!

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