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11 ways to beat overwhelm

11 ways to beat overwhelm

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Are you sick of feeling frazzled, stressed and anxious? Whether it’s caused by study, work, family or even ourselves, feeling overwhelmed is never welcome. So, here is my go-to list for when you’re under pressure and need some serenity in your chaotic world.

  1. Make a list: List all the things that you need to do. Then, chop up the list! Prioritise anything that needs immediate attention and look for what you can delegate, eliminate or shift to a later date.
  2. Re-energise: Shift your energy by putting on some upbeat music and move your body!
  3. Meditate: Focus on keeping your eyes still (busy eyes, busy brain), on breathing slowly and then count backwards from eighty – you’ll feel incredibly calm.
  4. Play: Get out a puzzle, muck around with your pet or a browse at your favourite shop to give your brain a breather from the stress.
  5. Stop saying ‘yes’: Taking on more tasks or agreeing to new obligations is a recipe to feeling over-stretched. Instead, get into the habit of saying, “I will get back to you” and give yourself time to work out your capacity and whether you should actually be saying ‘no.’
  6. Write it out: Journaling is extremely effective for clarifying what’s hitting your pressure button. Focus on the items that you have some control over and brainstorm different strategies for each overwhelming factor in your life.
  7. Literally take a break: Take a bath, play some relaxing music and physically remove yourself from stress inducing situations.
  8. Go outside: Get some exercise and enjoy the sun with a brisk walk, a game of tennis or a run to boost your mood.
  9. Digital detox: Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails, stop following people or products that annoy you, and turn your phone on silent when you need to concentrate. Create some space between yourself and all the stuff that is coming at you.
  10. Reduce caffeine intake: Switch to herbal teas or hot water with lemon or fresh ginger for a soothing refreshment.
  11. Get enough sleep: A pre-sleep ritual such as a bath, stretching, meditation or reading can help you drift off easily and get the full amount of sleep you need. There’s no alternative!

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed and are in need of support, make an appointment with a CSU counsellor. Whether it’s via skype, phone or in-person on campus, they can help you navigate the stress and work through solutions.

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