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university essentials - glasses, ruler and pens

How to Ensure Your Start of Session is Sorted

The start of session can be pretty overwhelming. You have to get your head around new subjects, new classrooms, new teachers – all while readjusting to uni life. And we all know how hard it can be to tear yourself away from holiday mode...

female and male studying together

Babes vs Books: Balancing Study and Relationships

Uni is a time of making new friends, building new relationships, and – of course – getting busy. It’s pretty normal to want to explore romantic relationships in an adult context during your uni years. There are loads of hot and...

Quickie tutorial: how to find your exam timetable

The end of session is fast approaching and everyone is very busy finishing off final assessments / procrastinating / prepping for exams, in order to achieve some stellar marks. As a student, it is really, REALLY important to record the dates and...

Mind Your Manners: Lectures vs Tutorials

Phones Lectures: So technically, you should never be on your phone while you’re in a class of any kind. But if you’re going to risk it, you have a better chance of getting away with it in a lecture. Especially if you’re in a...

Student internet allowance cheaper than 2015

Internet use just got cheaper

Student internet data download charges on campus are getting cheaper for 2016. The cost of data has dropped to 88 cents for each gigabyte (GB) downloaded during the peak period of 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. On top of that saving, there will also...

Music that motivates you to study

Let’s be honest. Though we’re university students, motivation to study does not always come naturally. Some days we need help to get in the ‘study zone’. Cue the music! Many university students, including myself, blast their latest and favourite...

Why you should consider contributing to Charlie

As I sit at the computer writing this, I am feeling a mix of emotions (mainly denial) as today marks the end of an era… Ladies and Gentlemen – after four long, crazy, stressful and ultimately rewarding years, I am officially graduating!

The best is yet to come

Advice to my 18 year old self

By Lauren Picone It was the year 2005, Johnnie was PM, shit was getting real between Ryan and Marissa on the OC, tank tops and denim skirts were in, and MSN messenger and Myspace were considered the height of social media. I had just finished the...

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