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National Book Lovers Day

Today we are celebrating National Book Lovers Day! Eliska shares some of her recommendations for a variety of book genres to suit all book lovers out there.

Why Read over the Summer?

If you’ve seen my article on life hacks based on the lives of the world’s most successful people, you’ll know that reading is one of their favourite past times. Why? Because it holds a massive amount of health benefits, primarily, stress relief but...

Books all uni students should read

Here is my list of the top books every university student should get their eyes on: 1. Freedom by Jonathan Franzen This novel revolves around the concept of being in love with your best friend but not wanting to compromise that friendship. 2. This...

5 must-read book series for summer

Having downtime is the best way to make use of our holidays. And there’s no better time to push the textbooks aside and read just because you want to! Here are a few of my favourites if you’re looking for a series to keep you hooked over...

Books on a book shelf

Your lecturers summer reading suggestions

Summer holidays are great for relaxing, catching up with friends and finally getting around to reading that book you’ve been meaning to. Although it’s hard to admit, four months of no uni can get pretty boring. So, why not read a few books to fill...

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