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Taking a leave of absence

Taking a leave of absence


Fitting in a degree while being a mum, and caring for family overseas is challenging. Stuggling to balance all of these commitments is quite hard. Luckily for Dipti, she discovered that Charles Sturt offers a leave of absence for students that may need to take a break from their studies.

Written by Dipti Mahabal

Take a break!

As we wrap up in chilly mornings, comfy meals and await our final submission results, why not take a break, and reflect!

For some of us it could be just slowing down during our mid-semester break, and for some it could be attending the graduation ceremony or kicking in to another roller coaster of assignments.

I have been waiting for this semester break for so long. The very feeling that for few weeks I will not be stressing about trying to catchup on my study readings, is just a great feeling.

Out and about in nature, view of my walking route that I enjoy.

As a study mum, we still must balance housework, pursue our career goals, work to support our family, look after our little ones, our parents and this list can go on.

We all tend to look after our physical health but it is equally important to ask ourselves how am I feeling mentally? Am I sleep deprived? Am I tired? Do I need to take a break?

It is so important to remind ourselves that our mental health is equally as important as our physical health and wellbeing. I have been taking walks in the chilly mornings, admiring mother nature’s beauty and enjoying a cup of coffee and reading different genres.

The joy of reading is very destressing and relaxing for me as it reminds me of all the different worlds I can experience reading a single book.

My focus this month has been to look after myself by connecting with mother nature, enjoying the morning walks with my little one, calling my parents, soaking in the morning sunshine, and reading the library books.

This month my inspirational reads were:

I have just started reading ‘Would you ask my husband that?’ and I am enjoying it. 😊

Dipti’s current read.

Last year, when I had visited my home country, I got to spend time with my loved ones, and my dear parents. My parents’ health issues were critical so I considered applying for a leave of absence.

As studying was not going to be easy at all, I knew I had to be there for my parents no matter what. This was the time when I reached out to my course director and my course faculty to know what my options were if I had to take a break from my studies.

I was so relieved to know that I was eligible to apply for four sessions of leave of absence in a four-year period. It was an option that was available in situations where you needed time to deal with things at home or even simply taking a break from your studies.

I would encourage you all to consider and check with your faculty or course director to see what your options are. This can help make your life a bit easier and moving forward.

Admiring the iconic Story Bridge.

It is so normal to miss important things like these and you might not realise that we have this option available to us. Click here for more information on taking a leave of absence.

Charles Sturt also has many other services in place for you if you need them like free counselling sessions, if you need to talk to someone. So, make sure you pause if things are getting out of control and take a moment to reflect and take a break!

Remember, it is okay to take a break and look after yourself so you can look after others. You are doing your best. Take time if you need time!

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