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Why I became a student mentor

Why I became a student mentor


Do you remember how daunting it was in your first few weeks of uni? Why not use YOUR personal experience to help other uni students? Become a student mentor today, gain skills and be recognised for your hard work!

Written by Michelle Curry

Are you interested in giving back and supporting new students by volunteering as a mentor?

Uni foundations  is a peer-to-peer mentoring program designed to help connect commencing students with an experienced student mentor, setting them up for study success in the crucial first four weeks of the session.

In my fourth and final year of university studies, during session one this year, I became a student mentor because I enjoy giving back to the university and making new friends.

The Uni Foundations program runs over the first four weeks of each of the three sessions, and participants attend or listen to a one-hour briefing session on topics to discuss with their mentees.

Mentors are provided with all the resources needed to confidently present each session. Some student groups meet in person, while others meet virtually online.

Due to my university schedule, I chose to meet online, hosting a one-hour session each week. Topics include: getting started at University, Academic Support, General Support, and Careers and Skills Support.

I began each of my four mentoring sessions by checking in on other students over coffee, discussing a small win we had each week, sharing experiences, and enjoying plenty of laughs.

It was also the last time I referred to myself as a “mature-age student” but as a “career changer” which was suggested by one of my mentees.

I shared insider tips on staying organised, the best places to study on campus, correct referencing, navigating the student portal, how to request textbooks from other libraries, and workshops that were beneficial in my university experience.

Michelle’s mentoring certificate.

Throughout, I received support from senior mentors and Charles Sturt University staff who checked in weekly, ensuring my confidence in using the system and answered any questions I had.

It was a great learning experience, and I gained skills in presentations and mentoring that will be useful in my career.

Fellow, mentor, and international nursing student Mina stated:

“I found the mentor program very rewarding and made new friends from it.”

One mentee found the most useful part of the program was “speaking to humans about non-course specific life at uni and being presented with all of the support available.”

Participating in the Uni Foundations mentoring program has been an immensely rewarding experience for both mentors and mentees alike.

As a mentor, I had the opportunity to provide guidance, support, and insider tips to new students, helping them navigate the challenges of university life and setting them up for success.

Witnessing the positive impact of the program reinforces the importance of peer support and community in the university experience. I have never felt alone in my university experience, and I also wanted others to feel the same.

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