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5 must-read book series for summer

5 must-read book series for summer

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Having downtime is the best way to make use of our holidays. And there’s no better time to push the textbooks aside and read just because you want to! Here are a few of my favourites if you’re looking for a series to keep you hooked over the break:

  1. Women’s Murder Club Series. If you’re into crime movies and TV shows, here’s a new series for you. A great novel series by James Patterson about four skilled women working in different areas of the criminal world, solving crimes and finding justice!
  2. Vampire Academy. Who doesn’t love a little vampire fiction?! Richelle Mead’s vampire book series is an amazing one that focusses on a special bond between two best friends who are in a unique situation, as they runaway together to keep themselves safe. They fight together – finding enemies, traitors, love and more!
  3. Dan Brown Collection. If mystery and action is what you’re after, Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress and The Da Vinci Code are just a few that I really enjoyed reading. Reading a book can be just as suspenseful as watching it in the movies, especially if it’s one by Dan Brown.
  4. Harry Potter Books. Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? If you liked the movies, you will love the books! Seeing the movies won’t ruin the plot because you’ll discover more important and exciting details in the books. Like the scene in the movie where Molly kills Bellatrix? Read the book to find out what really happens!
  5. The Mortal Instruments. If you like the Harry Potter series, odds are you will like this one too! One of the things that I like about this book is that it is one of the first novels I’ve read that casually includes a love story that involves people within the LGBT community!

That’s it for now! Be sure to give one or all of these books a go this summer, happy reading.

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