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Why Read over the Summer?

Why Read over the Summer?

If you’ve seen my article on life hacks based on the lives of the world’s most successful people, you’ll know that reading is one of their favourite past times.

Why? Because it holds a massive amount of health benefits, primarily, stress relief but is also fun and educational, if you pick the right book. 

(Disclaimer/Warning) Despite the many eyesight problems that stemmed from reading in poor light, there is research to show that blue light technology like smartphones, laptops and TV’s are having a far greater effect on eyesight.

Having said that, ensure that you have sufficient lighting for reading and that you are not straining your eyes on small typewriting. 

Benefits of Reading: 

Brain Benefits

Similar to how you go to the gym to keep your body in shape, you hit the books to keep your mind in shape.

Reading stimulates the brain, awakening neural pathways and strengthening your memory and imagination. Studies have shown that reading helps reduce mental decline and chances of dementia. 

Health Benefits 

Similar to eating a healthy diet to ward off sickness and strengthen your immune system, reading strengthens your mental health immune system.

Reading is used as a treatment in many mental health institutions, to treat depression and anxiety as it releases positive endorphins. 

In addition, reading also helps with physical health problems. Reading before bed helps your body to prepare for sleep, whether using your phone simply excites it which is why many young people are having problems sleeping.

The most successful people in the world often use reading before bed to get a good sleep as well as release stress.

Stress leads to heart conditions, gaining weight, and numerous other health problems. Research has shown that reading regularly reduces stress by over 65%.  

Educational Benefits 

Whether it be a novel by Dickens or a self-help book, reading always carries an educational component.

Well written classics will naturally influence the vocabulary and grammar you use in the workplace or in assignments. Self-help books and biographies will offer useful life lessons and tips which you can use in your daily life. 


“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.” – Neil Gaiman.

Your only experience with books does not have to be prescribed texts for a biology subject. Books come in many shapes and many sizes and whether you are a bookworm or not, there is guaranteed to be a shelf of books somewhere in the world just perfect for you.

It may seem like just pages, but it is a world of knowledge and fascination waiting for you to explore it. 

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