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Meatless Monday Part 2: The Ultimate Veggie Burger

I’ve never been too keen on meat replacements, like TVP or tofu, but having a couple of hearty meals up your sleeve that you can throw on the BBQ can be very handy as summer approaches, or if you’re trying to reduce your meat consumption without...

How to cope when you’re waiting for your assignment

by Emily Minter Session 2 is almost finished and you are probably waiting for your big assignments to be marked. But no matter what stage of session it is (or size and importance of the assignment) the stress for us waiting students is inevitable...

CSU Sport Grand Final Wrap

It’s grand final time across the country and a number of CSU sporting teams have fought their way to the top competing in grand final events over the weekend. Getting to the top is no mean feat, so we spoke to Francesca Van Blerk, member of the...

Falling sick during session: top four survival tips

As per Murphy’s law, we often find ourselves feeling our worst when we really need to be at peak physical and mental fitness. If you find yourself bed ridden this session, follow my top four survival tips to get both your health and your...

Exam Time is Here!

Exams are fast approaching and your stress levels are on the rise,
So a plan to calm you down is what we shall devise.

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