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How to stay healthy at uni

How to stay healthy at uni

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One of the most important yet hardest things to do whilst studying is eating healthy. Going out every uni night plus weekends can be really hard on your body, and it’s okay to do this in moderation – we all want to live the uni life for a while.

But there are other ways in which we can take care of our body.


Start by trying to incorporate exercise into your life. Even just walking once a day, it’s so easy to make it fun. Go with your roommate or classmate and catch up on what each of you have been doing and how you’re handling your assignments.

One of my favourite ways to do this is bike riding, it’s so fun and doesn’t even feel like you’re exercising. Exercising doesn’t have to be a 30-minute high-intensity torturing circuit, as long as you’re getting up and being active. Don’t forget, the university gym is available and it’s even free – bargain!

Eat well

Eating well is the most important thing we can do to stay healthy. If you don’t think you’re living a healthy lifestyle then it’s so easy to make little changes that will make all the difference.

My first tip is to get up 10 minutes earlier than normal and pack lunch! This will stop you buying greasy schnitzels from The Hub. Even if it’s just a salad sandwich or wrap, try something that will fill you up and stop you going for that 3pm sugar hit. My favourite lunch ideas are either brown rice and salmon salad or my homemade zucchini and sweet potato fritters!

Make a healthy swap

It’s easy to make substitutes. For example, swap white bread for brown bread. Swap potato for sweet potato. Swap white rice for brown rice. Eating healthier isn’t about cutting out food, it’s about finding ways to make the foods you love better for you. If you’re looking for inspiration, I find a lot on, there is an e-book available with healthy recipes and you can even sign up to watch how things are made and get lots of handy tips about staying active!

Drink lots of water and try to substitute fruit for snack bars, as these can sometimes have just as much sugar as a chocolate bar. If you love fizzy drinks then try to go for a soda or mineral water.

Treating your body right while you’re studying will not only make you feel so much better, but it will benefit your study. You will be able to concentrate longer and you will feel so much more motivated and energised to get everything done.

Like I said earlier, I know sometimes it seems impossible to do all of the above, but it’s not! Getting organised is your first step.

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