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Cartoon images with person not wanting to eat broccoli

The First Year Five

What is it? If you enjoy watching American TV shows based around college students, then you’ve probably heard of the ‘freshmen 15’. The ‘freshman 15’ refers to the phenomenon of first-year college students gaining weight (15 pounds) during their...

students playing with a frisbee

How to stay healthy at uni

One of the most important yet hardest things to do whilst studying is eating healthy. Going out every uni night plus weekends can be really hard on your body, and it’s okay to do this in moderation – we all want to live the uni life for a...

apple and mandarine in front of food book

What foods can you eat to improve your memory?

Unless you’ve got a photographic memory, it’s pretty normal to forget things after hours of study. Perhaps it’s a concept you can’t quite wrap your head around, or maybe you need to create mnemonic devices to help you...

Boom. Protein everywhere

Meatless Monday Part 6: But how do you get your protein?

For the last instalment of my #meatlessmondays series here at Charlie, we’re looking into how you can meet your protein needs with a vegetarian diet. It’s one of the most common questions a vego needs to field, sometimes from relative strangers...

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