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Grades Release: What type of student are you?

Yes friends, it’s THAT time of year. Grades are being released. It is almost bittersweet – you’re finally finished for the Summer (except you poor souls doing summer subjects) and you are about to pour yourself a pina colada when...

A (Mostly) Guilt Free Way of Substituting TV for Study

As uni students, we’re no strangers to procrastination. As due dates and exam season loom large over us, our natural instinct isn’t to study harder or revise our notes, our first course of action is to postpone our work until the last...

The Mindfulness Mission

Lately, I’ve noticed that there has been a significant influx of adult colouring books centred around mindfulness, lining the shelves of stores around town. Considering that just a few months ago colouring was considered predominantly a...


10 Tips for a distraction free study session

We’re into week four of the session now and for a lot of students the mid-session exams are looming. Even though I know I need to get some study done, there’s always so much other stuff that gets in the way – the dog throws up on the carpet...

Exam Time is Here!

Exams are fast approaching and your stress levels are on the rise,
So a plan to calm you down is what we shall devise.

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