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Tips to get you through exams

Tips to get you through exams

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By Maddie Catanzaro

With exams upon us, learning all the content you need to know can be rough, but with the help of CSU’s Academic Learning Literacy and Numeracy (ALLaN) team, I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to get you through the exam period.

Start today

I know procrastinating seems like the easier option, but tomorrow never comes. Even if it’s something small, starting today makes it easier in the future.

Know your content

Seems simple, but many people forget to check in with their subject outline and see what the rubric actually asks for. It’s easier to study when you know what you’re being assessed on.

Find out how you learn best

People learn in different ways! Maybe you need to write it out three times. Maybe you need to record yourself and listen back as you sleep. Maybe you use dot points or highlight sections with a variety of colours. Maybe you need to discuss it with a friend. Experiment with what works best for you.

Practice past exams

Or at least practice under exam-like conditions, so you’re prepared to work on the day under exam conditions.

Manage your time

Regularly review your subject matter over three days. Start with 60 minutes, then 30 minutes, and then five minutes respectively. And don’t forget to revisit the topics each week. You can also study in 25-minute blocks with a five-minute break in between to allow your brain to rest and process the information.

Spend the exam time wisely

Dedicate as much time on a question as the marks are worth. If you get stuck on a question, mark it, skip it, and review it later when you have time.

Manage your stress!

Keep your usual sleep pattern, eat well (and regularly), exercise, and arrive early at the exam.

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