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Ways to look after yourself during exams

The number one rule when it comes to tackling exam periods is get a good night sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep ensures you will feel much better in the morning and also gives your body the chance to rebuild and repair overnight, allowing...

Healthy exam study snacks

It’s nearing that time of year again when most of us are finishing up those last assignments and preparing for exams. However, you need to remember that while revision is crucial to pass, you also need to take the time to fuel your mind and body...

Top tips for looking after yourself

by Loren Howarth It’s nearing the end of the session and summer holidays are already on your mind. But you have a stack of assessments due and exams to prepare for. Don’t stress, I have prepared some tips to keep your mind and body healthy during...

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Prepare for exams and reduce your stress

Do you put in extreme study hours for your exams? Or perhaps studying makes you so anxious you procrastinate instead? Get ready for your exams early so you don’t get overwhelmed with everything you have to do. Here’s CSU Student Counsellor Katie...

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Tips to get you through exams

By Maddie Catanzaro With exams upon us, learning all the content you need to know can be rough, but with the help of CSU’s Academic Learning Literacy and Numeracy (ALLaN) team, I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to get you through...

Get yourself exam-ready

Get yourself exam-ready

Exam time has rolled around again. Everyone handles the preparation and pressure of exams differently.
Television student Maddie Catanzaro caught up with some students on campus to see how they plan for the final assessments.

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Top tips to tackle exam stress

The end of session brings with it many things – holidays, parties, and worst of all, exams. Exam time is one of the most stressful periods of the year and, if you let it get out of hand, that stress can develop into many things including anxiety and...

Quickie tutorial: how to find your exam timetable

The end of session is fast approaching and everyone is very busy finishing off final assessments / procrastinating / prepping for exams, in order to achieve some stellar marks. As a student, it is really, REALLY important to record the dates and...

Dear HSC results - come at me bro.


By Emily Foy-Brown After years of boring material (I’m talking to you algebra – WHY DO YOU EVEN EXIST?), trying to stay awake in class, highlighting textbooks in their entirety, homework (or excuses) and of course the hormonal friends...

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