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How to ace your exams

How to ace your exams

by Loren Howarth

Exam period can be very stressful, especially if you feel underprepared. But never fear, with these top tips acing your upcoming exams won’t be as difficult as you might think.

Don’t cram 

Cramming the night before an exam doesn’t work as your brain can’t process large amounts of information in one night. Instead, begin studying for your exams a couple of days prior and tackling a little bit of the subject each day. This gives you more time to understand the subject and you will get adequate sleep the night before exams.

Make flashcards 

Flashcards are an extremely useful  way to study as when you are prompted with a question, the brain actively tries to recall the answer. Flash cards are a more beneficial way of learning information as you can also determine what you feel confident with and what you need to work on. When making flashcards, be sure to include one question and answer on each flashcard otherwise the learning process won’t be as effective.

Teach someone else 

Roman philosopher Seneca said that “while we teach, we learn.” By verbally explaining a concept to someone else, you can get a better understanding of the topic and will make realisations about concepts that you didn’t understand before. It is also better if you try explaining to someone that doesn’t do the same course as you, as they will often ask questions that you never thought of and will prompt your brain to think more critically.

Create mind maps 

Mind maps are a great way to study for exams as you can visually create connections between concepts in each topic. Mind maps are also very engaging and allow you to simplify complex ideas. You can also become creative, which makes it easier to express ideas and make study not as boring.

By incorporating these tips into your study schedule you will be prepared and will feel ready to conquer the up coming exams. I wish you all the best!

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