What to do if your results aren’t what you expected

Now that Session 1 is out of the way, our subject grades are on their way! Grades release on Friday 6 July at 12:01am. Here’s how you can survive the grades release and get ready for a new semester:

1. Don’t worry!

If the results are lower than you were hoping or far-off what you wanted, stay calm and think positive. Accept the marks, dwindling on results that you cannot change won’t help, instead take the leap and focus on what’s next.

2. Speak to your lecturer, tutor, subject coordinator or course director

If you’re unsure about how and why you received those results, book a meeting and chat to your academic staff. They can:

  • Answer questions regarding weighting, scaling and the meaning of different grades
  • Talk you through your areas of strength and weakness, and how you can improve

3. Check out what CSU offers

There are many CSU support services to help you bounce back and tackle your next assessments…guy studying at home with a coffee

4. Utilise the people around you

You are not alone. Other students are in the same boat as you and those around you get the pressures of Uni! Such as:

  • Parents, friends, roommates or even an old teacher – let them remind you of how proud they are and that they’ll back you no matter the outcome, as long as you give it your all
  • Forums and Facebook groups like CSUSocial – share study tips with other students, complain together and motivate each other as you power on until the end of your degree

5. Don’t ignore the elephant in the room

Don’t ignore your results, let them be the catalyst to your Uni success! Read over assignments, from the marking criteria to the lecturer’s comments. This will help you pick out what went wrong, then make a list of what you need to work on and set it as your goal for Session 2.

With so many support services and people rooting for you, you’ll be able to move on and work harder and more motivated than ever before! Remember to take a breath as you check your Session 1 results on Friday.