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Ways to look after yourself during exams

Ways to look after yourself during exams

Students riding bikes
Students riding bikes

The number one rule when it comes to tackling exam periods is get a good night sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep ensures you will feel much better in the morning and also gives your body the chance to rebuild and repair overnight, allowing maximised productivity the next day. Help yourself by trying to get at least eight hours of sleep each night. And if you still feel tired in the day, lay down for a 30-minute power nap. It will do wonders.

Get out and about

Going outside and breathing in the fresh air can do wonders for your wellbeing. Exercise is one way to maintain stability within your mental health during exam periods. It will leave you feeling super energised and ready to hit the books.

But if you’re not a huge fan of exercise take a stroll along the beach or around a park, just getting outside will make you feel so much better. Take a bottle of water with you and go adventuring. Take a few hours off studying to go out and make yourself feel better. You won’t regret it and your body will thank you.

Eat a balanced diet

During exams, everything can seem stressful. By following a healthy and balanced diet, your brain will get the fuel it needs to ensure you go well in your exams. Wake up and have breakfast – avocado on toast or a bowl of cereal are always my choice! Make sure you have a healthy lunch, possibly a salad with some chicken and tomato. And for study snacks, I usually go for my favourite, carrot sticks and hummus! Eating well will have your brain and body thanking you by the end of exams.


Practicing mindfulness, especially through the use of apps on your phone, can really help to tackle that dreadful exam stress. The app Breathe teaches you different ways to mediate and relax, which can be super helpful during these times. Relax M. also provides soothing sounds that play through your phone, which allow your brain to relax and get a better night’s sleep, especially if you’re feeling slightly moody or having trouble sleeping at night. Both of these apps are available on IOS and Android through the App store and Google Play.

Make sure you take time to unwind and don’t over do it. Take regular breaks during study sessions and make sure that you don’t push yourself too far. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself, after all, you deserve to be rewarded after all the hard effort you’re putting in.

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