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National Stress Awareness Day

''I love a good bit of stress. I’m writing this a month out from my end of year exams and that little extra bit of stress is keeping me bright as a button and really focused for long stretches of the day. Although it is hard at the moment, it is...

National Garden Meditation Day 2023

Wednesday May 3 is National Garden Meditation Day. After finishing off Stress Awareness Month and mid-session break, we start May off strong by sitting back and relaxing for a second - ready for the rest of the session to come.

CSU student studying in the library.

Tips on getting most out of your Study Breaks

by Vishi Peters It’s once again exam time and are looking for ways to hit the books effectively to get the best marks possible. We all know how stressful this can be but did you know study breaks are as crucial as studying for your exam? I...

CSU Online student studying at a cafe.

Mindfulness and meditation in helping you to study from home

by Sarah Allport These are strange times we’re in. We’ve been asked to stop attending lectures on campus. We are using Zoom to attend lectures and to partake in online learning, not just as a 21st century luxury but as something which is protecting...

Students riding bikes

Ways to look after yourself during exams

The number one rule when it comes to tackling exam periods is get a good night sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep ensures you will feel much better in the morning and also gives your body the chance to rebuild and repair overnight, allowing...

The Mindfulness Mission

Lately, I’ve noticed that there has been a significant influx of adult colouring books centred around mindfulness, lining the shelves of stores around town. Considering that just a few months ago colouring was considered predominantly a...

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