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Tips on getting most out of your Study Breaks

Tips on getting most out of your Study Breaks

CSU student studying in the library.
CSU student studying in the library. Image: CSU Image

by Vishi Peters

It’s once again exam time and are looking for ways to hit the books effectively to get the best marks possible. We all know how stressful this can be but did you know study breaks are as crucial as studying for your exam?

I know how hard it can be to balance our personal life with our uni life and to top that off, we are distracted by our buzzing phones, getting the kids ready, cooking dinner, work, etc.

It’s really important to give your brains the rest it needs so it can remain alert during your exams. We all have our weird myths and superstitions to study like drink heaps of water while you study because it clears your head (for me not so much – I reckon the bladder runs faster than the brain with this myth!)

Increasing productivity and creativity is ideally what we want with study breaks. Research has shown that taking a break from your studies every 90 minutes can improve your ability to focus on your work. But who can stick to that rule?

Here are some tips which I think might be worth a shot to alleviate stress and get you back into your study more focused than ever before:

Tip #1: – Get on your phone!

Yes you heard me! Every time that notification bell rings, its our Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. Social media is good, don’t get me wrong. It’s a great way to connect to your friends but the next time you pick up your phone during your study break, try to download a Meditation App and focus on some mindfulness techniques, breathing exercise and yoga poses. Have some ME TIME and see the benefits that come when you go back to study. You will be in a better headspace and focused to smash out your work.

Tip #2: – Get moving!

Get into some comfy gym wear, turn on your favourite tune and sing and dance like there’s no tomorrow! It really is simple as that! Even 10 minutes of happiness and physical activity can really get the blood flowing to your brain. You will feel so much better burning that stress away and even better knowing that you are not so tense after a study session. And you’ll probably discover you may or may not have rhythm….but who cares! You had fun and that’s what counts!

Tip # 3: Have a Nap!

Have a short nap, not a long one! Its not a snooze-fest! Try to have some shut-eye for 10-20 minutes. Research actually shows that napping increases the ability to focus and increases productivity. Why? Its because your brain goes on sleep mode and rests, while it is resting it can help you retain all the information for your exams!

It’s really easy to fall in some bad study habits and work ourselves to the bone, but we need to treat our brain as a tool which at the end of the day, does need rest time.

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