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I changed my degree to pursue my true passion

Have you ever felt like the degree you've chosen to study just isn't for you? Elijah was studying Psychology in Bathurst away from his close family & friends. While he made new friends along the way, he realised he wanted to pursue his passion for...

My uni experience

Contributor Trilok Bista writes his final blog for Charlie, looking back on their most memorable experiences at Charles Sturt University.

Top places to volunteer this summer

In the season of giving, why not consider giving of your time and efforts to communities in need? Kate Armstrong shares some insightful tips on volunteering, including where and why you should consider giving it a go this summer!

What is nuclear medicine?

''Nuclear medicine is a branch of medical imaging that specialises in the imaging of the function of specific cells and organs within the body'' Megan Winzer shares a day in the life of a nuclear medicine student.

World Radiography Day

''Undertaking my degree has allowed me to grow in all areas of my life and I found such a love for knowledge, and I cannot think of a better industry to be in that requires us to constantly be developing our capabilities and evolving as better...

Having a plan B for life (and still loving it)

Written by Joel Sheasby In May of 2019 I was rejected from all the universities I applied to in Canada. My chances of starting my studies to become a dentist in the upcoming academic year were gone. I could apply again next year, but realistically...

Meet Charlie contributor, Emily Francis

Written by Emily Francis I am one of those lucky people that have a passion for something and have been given the opportunity to turn that passion into a career. From around the ages of 3–16, I immersed myself in any form of storytelling I could...

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