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I changed my degree to pursue my true passion

I changed my degree to pursue my true passion


Have you ever felt like the degree you’ve chosen to study just isn’t for you? Elijah was studying Psychology in Bathurst away from his close family & friends. While he made new friends along the way, he realised he wanted to pursue his passion for Information Studies.

Written by Elijah Fountain

Hi, I’m Elijah an online university student currently living on the Dubbo campus.

I made the decision to switch courses at the end of my first year from Psychology to Information Studies.

Information Studies being a course dedicated for career pathways in archives, museums and libraries.

One of my last days in Bathurst at the 2023 Diggings Ball.

The process to switch was straightforward, all I needed to do was fill out the transfer form and wait for approval.

There are many reasons that people could choose to switch degrees. I switched for two main reasons: finding the career I’m passionate for and living closer to family.

Something that I did not realise when I decided to transfer was that the subjects that you’ve completed previously aren’t completely disregarded.

Elijah Fountain and his sister.

Subject credits can do two things. The first is towards accreditation’s such as certifications and diplomas. 

When I switched, I surprisingly received a certificate.

The second is credits towards the new degree.

Depending on the content load, to what you’re switching from/to, you might be able to obtain credits that can speed up your degree.

The decision to change happened for so many reasons. From money, to keeping closer to the people I care about and ultimately finding my passion.

The transition between degrees was incredibly flexible to the world around me and my circumstances at the time.

I felt like the first year of study wasn’t a complete waste of my time.

I felt the decision was my own choice and I had all the options laid out in front of me.

This is where you can find the change course form on the Charles Sturt University student portal 

Currently, I’m in my first session of my new course and I do not regret it.

I’ve found new mates, a new course structure and close support from my family and friends.

This was something I didn’t have while living in Bathurst.

I believe have made the right choice.

My cat Annie who I now live closer to.

For more information about course changes and transfers click here.

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