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My uni experience

My uni experience


Contributor Trilok Bista writes his final blog for Charlie, looking back on their most memorable experiences at Charles Sturt University.

Written by Trilok Bista

University is not only an opportunity to gain education and knowledge but a catalyst for self growth and discovery.

Three years ago, after my uneventful gap year (consequence of COVID), I eagerly started a new stage of my life.

My journey at Charles Sturt Bathurst became one of handling independence, finding balance and gaining new experiences.

Now, while I write this article with my graduation certificate freshly collected from my mailbox, my 3 years at Charles Sturt University feel as short as a few days.

Horse racing event with friends.

Independence & balance

In the spectrum of independence, I would have definitely sat closer to the dependent side as a wide-eyed first year student.

This is why having my own space in the Charles Sturt dorms, organising my own rent payments and my getting on top of my studies was a juggling act.

I realised that independence gave me control over how I wanted my day to day life to look like, but took greater discipline to ensure I’m meeting my university and personal goals.

While I didn’t become perfect through practice, I did become more experienced through exposure.

Coming into my second year, I knew the hurdles that I needed to jump in terms of finding jobs early for rent and the importance of a consistent calendar for all my nursing deadlines.

I also gained insight on the importance of balancing my life outside of university, meeting incredible new people and putting myself in situations where I could uncover sides of myself I didn’t know I had.

View from Trilok’s dorm room.

New people, new experiences

Coming from a suburb deep in Sydney to a regional town, everything was new.

It was incredible seeing the vast farmland surrounding the town and made Sydney feel claustrophobic in comparison.

While moving in and out every year was a less jarring experience with the help of my amazing parents who helped me get organised, It was still a change to get used to.

Start of every year I would meet the fellow nursing students in my classes who I would get to know better every time and at the start of every year I would also meet the few people I would call dorm mates for the next 8ish months.

Throughout my time in Bathurst I would also work in various different roles, being in fast food, disability care and in the hospital.

These interactions and opportunities allowed me to develop communication skills with various different types of people. Some who would become great friends past my time in university.

The uni bar where events are usually held.

A final note from Trilok

While my experiences may fall victim to rosy retrospection, it’s undeniable that through my time at Charles Sturt I’ve gained an amazing educational experience, great friends and unforgettable memories to look back on.

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