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5 capsule wardrobe basics to help you pack

5 capsule wardrobe basics to help you pack

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Need to travel for study? Whether it be an in-depth residential school trip, a whirlwind study tour or a life-altering student exchange, figuring out what to pack can be a daunting task – and one that is often left until the last minute!

This is where a few capsule wardrobe fundamentals come in handy.

These five building blocks will provide your travel-wear with a base to help ease the overwhelm, ensure what you pack is practical and keep you looking sharp.

#1 Jeans – the perfect fit

We come in all shapes and sizes, which is why jeans styles are so varied. They are a subtle personal statement with bonuses in versatility and practicality.

Whatever design, finish or colour you choose, make sure your jeans are the correct size and are comfortable.

As you will likely be a little out of your comfort zone already, packing this will minimise any chance of regret and help make your time away that much easier – and enjoyable!

#2 A white tee

Classic, comfy, easy (and budget friendly).

If your preference is something more formal, a white buttoned or collared shirt will increase the chic. Black works too.

#3 A blazer or jacket

For the smart casual moments. As with jeans, these pieces are more tailored and need to be the correct size. Black is best for versatility, but you do you.

#4 A cosy knit

Always handy in case things get chilly. And again, comfortable.

#5 A quality pair of shoes

These can be sneakers, flats, boots or something else.

As long as they are comfortable and can work for a variety of occasions, you’ll be all set.

Once again, black (or white for sneakers) is best.

And away you go…

As you may have noticed, a variety of outfits can be created just from these basics alone – and for varying seasons.

With the addition of a few of your own select pieces, you will easily have a full-functioning travel wardrobe with plenty of room to spare.

Happy packing!

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