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The ultimate packing checklist for living on campus

So you're moving out for the first time and have no idea what to pack for on-campus living? Victoria reminds you that you need to bring more than just clothes, be ready to take note of the essential items she used while living on campus.

5 capsule wardrobe basics to help you pack

Need to travel for study? Whether it be an in-depth residential school trip, a whirlwind study tour or a life-altering student exchange, figuring out what to pack can be a daunting task – and one that is often left until the last minute! This is...

Are you ready to move-out?

Moving seems like an easy thing to do, but in practice it is a lot harder, especially in the final lead up to move-out day. If you are living on-campus, the final move-out day is Saturday 3rd November and that is less than one month away...

CSU on campus accommodation

Moving essentials

by Amy Carlon If you’re a first-year, it’s probably your first time moving out of home, away from your parents. You’re also probably not sure what to take with you. Studying and living on campus for the first time can be overwhelming when you have...

illustration of boxes and belongings piled up

Moving mid-session: how I did it and you can do it better

It’s the nature of renting, really. It can be annoying and uncomfortable, or cosy and creative, but ultimately it’s pretty impermanent. Leases run out. Roommates go rogue and skip out on you. You discover one too many cracks in the wall or there’s a...

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