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Are you ready to move-out?

Are you ready to move-out?

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Moving seems like an easy thing to do, but in practice it is a lot harder, especially in the final lead up to move-out day. If you are living on-campus, the final move-out day is Saturday 3rd November and that is less than one month away.

Here’s how you can be prepared and move-out without a worry!

Step 1: Plan

Creating a plan will keep you organised while moving, so you don’t leave anything out!

  • Make a list of everything you have
  • Organise your checklist with subheadings
  • Plan how you will pack your car
  • Create a timeline between when you move have to out and when you start packing
  • Check that you have a home to go to! Organise any details for where you are moving to

Step 2: Grab resources

  • Get boxes, containers and bags
  • Use labels so what’s in what box
  • Stock up on rubbish bags
  • Source cleaning gear

Step 3: Just do it

  • Get rid of things you don’t need – donate things in good condition
  • Pack a few days before, don’t leave it to the day of
  • Clean your room once it’s empty
  • Get an extra pair of hands to help you out
  • Pack your car like Tetris
  • Celebrate finishing up another year of Uni!

It’s time to get organised and master the art of moving out! It’s never bad to be overprepared, so follow these tips to avoid having to rush at the last minute.

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