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Balancing study and exercise

Balancing study and exercise

Exercise has so many benefits for our physical and mental health, both of which are super important to maintain while you’re at uni.

But when time pressures and mental fatigue combine, it can seem like a huge effort to put the books away and get your heart rate up. 

So, here are three hacks to use to get moving again and they might even make studying that bit easier:

1. The productivity hack.

Science has known for a long time that the best way to increase productivity is to take more (short) breaks throughout the day.

Taking a 15-minute break every hour is proven to boost productivity, as it replicates our REM sleep cycle. So, one simple exercise/study hack is to utilise those 15 minutes by exercising.

Take a short walk or jog around the block, grab a pair of dumbbells and do a circuit of compound exercises, or turn on your favourite playlist and dance like no one’s watching!

You’ll feel so much better, happier and ready to hit the books again.

2. The ‘rise and shine’ hack.

I know, getting out of bed in the morning can be pretty painful but hear me out on this one.

Exercising first thing is normally pretty easy to fit into your schedule. By replacing that last hour of TV-time at night with an early bedtime, you’ve effectively found an extra hour in the day to get to the gym or go for a run.

I promise you won’t miss your couch time later, since all those endorphins you gain will help your productivity and energy levels throughout the rest of the day.

Plus, wait till after your workout to have your breakfast and reap even more rewards, it is proven to help combat insulin resistance and burns more fat.

3. The bits and pieces hack.

Imagine this: every time you find yourself with a few minutes to spare, instead of checking up on social media, choose to pace around the room.

If you need to make an important phone call, find a strong, upright surface and do a wall sit while you talk.

Constantly finding yourself getting to your classes early, only to have to wait for everyone else to arrive? Go find a set of stairs to walk up and down them for 10 minutes instead.

While this approach probably won’t give you an intense workout, or even make you break a sweat, it’s manageable even for the busiest of students and will allow you to fall back into your fitness routine seamlessly at the end of semester.

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