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Why should you be mindful?

Why should you be mindful?

Mindfulness means awareness. It is to be conscious, present and attentive in a moment or situation. Being mindful helps reduce stress, anxiety and frustration (AKA our daily struggles as Uni students). In turn, it can also boost intelligence, productivity and resilience!

How can you practice it?

CSU is launching a free, online mindfulness program just for you – Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Academic Success (MWAS). Register now to become a mindful expert and tackle next session with tranquillity!

The four-week program will walk you through how to practice mindfulness and meditation for Uni. It can help you be more focused on studying, cope with stress and boost motivation.

Students who have been through the program experienced improvements to their general wellbeing and stress, making them calmer and better able to juggle their Uni work load.

This free, online, self-paced program is a tool that can help you ace your studies and get the most out of your degree. It will be running in February and March 2019.

Sign up now before registrations close on Monday 18 February and #letsgetmindful!

Mindful tip-of-the-day:

Take time to slow down and pause in the business of life. Meditation is a great way to do this. It will help you observe your surroundings with an open-mind and accept situations as they come… ahh the serenity!

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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