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Refresh the way you think about exercising

Refresh the way you think about exercising

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Here is how you can change the way you think about exercising! It’s time to refresh the positive mindset and get physical.

We’re in the same boat –

I exercises on a daily basis and have plenty experienced the struggle of thinking about why I should and shouldn’t be exercising. I know that if I don’t do any physical activity, my body gets sick. I become weak, loses muscle and gain weight. These negative effects remind me why I should exercise – that it will benefit my body and health, even if it might not be easy.

It is all in the mind –

Exercising is like a mind game you play with yourself. You can physically do it, yet mentally, you find all the reasons why you shouldn’t and think about the better things you could be doing instead.

It only takes between 30-60minutes to have a good workout and feel hella good about it. Exercising is a lifestyle. Whether it is walking or taking a push bike to your destination, playing a sport, or going to the gym. It is something we should all be doing to make ourselves reach our body’s full potential.

Here’s some inspiration for today from Sarah’s Day, one of my favourite health and fitness YouTuber’s…

Starting off can be difficult, and even if you’re quivering, melting and sweating on the inside, just act confident, be strong and no one will question you.”

When you think about exercising, don’t focus on the end result first. Set realistic goals for yourself and work towards the benefits of exercise, the results will follow behind!

Stop thinking, start doing –

Exercise for the benefits and listen to your body. Because once you start, form a routine, and make it a fun habit, your body will love you for it and you will feel healthier and stronger. Stay positive, do some research on health and fitness, set a goal, buy a plan or a membership to push yourself into or find a buddy to exercise with.

And if you still aren’t motivated and you are a super nerd like me, think of it like you were being chased by enemies and the need to outrun them to live!

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