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Back-to-School… at Charles Sturt

Are you a Swiftie ready to conquer your first year of study? Or just transitioning to uni in general? Charlee Lean, second year education student and huge Swiftie fan tells you all about how she adjusted to uni life!

Trilok’s guide to your first assessment

''Remember to take frequent breaks to continue being efficient over longer periods of time and write down further questions you may have to ask in discussion boards or to your lecturers.'' Session 3 Orientation has been and gone and now it's crunch...

Letter to my high school self

Elijah took a leap of faith and moved away from his small home town to Bathurst NSW to study at Charles Sturt University. Elijah writes a letter to his high school self to reflect on his personal growth and achievements.

Meet Charlie contributor, Pagan Harrison-Brown

Pagan Harrison-Brown has been a continuing asset to the Charlie contributor team! Here, you can find out more about her… Growing up I don’t really remember much of my childhood, but I was born and raised in Wagga Wagga. We then moved to...

Open book and empty book ready to write

A Beginners Guide to Writing Poetry

by Margaret Aitken As someone who’s been writing poetry for five years, I create poetry to relax and unload all of my negative feelings or joyfully express all of my positive emotions. It’s a great creative outlet that doesn’t require a ton of...

person writing in notebook

Calling All Writers! Fitting Writing Time into a Busy Schedule

As a novelist myself, I frequently engage in what I like to call the Writer’s Exaggerated Exclamation of Anguish: “I have no time to write!” Being a university student as well as working part-time means I’ve spent years devising strategies on how to...

How to combat writer’s block

  Do you ever find yourself just staring at the title of your report for ten minutes, not knowing where to start? Or you’re half-way through the first paragraph of an essay and your mind completely blanks, leaving you with nothing logical to...

Healthy habits to kick-start your New Year

Healthy habits to kick-start your New Year

Make your bed every morning. This doesn’t mean you have to completely change and wash your sheets Every. Single. Day. But you’ll sleep and feel better if you shake out your doona, straighten your pillows, and throw your cushions back on your bed...

Dear first year self: searching and writing

Over the past three weeks, we’ve looked at a few of the things I’d suggest that my first-year self work on if I had the opportunity to sit her down for a stern talking to… When I think back to my first year of distance education, I...

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