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Why you should consider writing for Charlie

Why you should consider writing for Charlie


Get real-world experience, money in your pocket and open doors to new possibilities

If you are reading Charlie for the first time, then welcome. If this isn’t your first time, then welcome back! Thank you for reading Charlie. I have had the privilege of writing for Charlie for the last three years and I have loved it, and I reckon that you should consider writing for Charlie as well. Why is that? Keep on reading.

Get real-world experience

I have found that there is nothing better than gaining that all important experience while being at uni. Being a student is hard and there is lots involved, which means that in between readings, assessments and that all important ‘me’ time, improving your writing and getting your writing noticed is quite difficult. Especially in COVID times, gaining that work experience is even harder than it normally would be.

Being able to write well, regardless of what course you do, is a huge advantage, simply because we all have to write. But if you are a media student, whether that be journalism, film/theatre or radio, gaining that experience will be an extra bonus and will go a long way in getting a job at the end of your time at university.

Finding places where you can build your portfolio can be difficult, but fear not because the uni has a place for you to write until your heart is content and get it published for other people to read. That experience of writing and refining your craft while studying is very valuable, and is one of the reasons why you should consider writing for Charlie.

Your back pocket

While experience is great, sometimes a payment more than the experience that comes along with it is needed. Here at Charlie, we have you covered. While it probably won’t pay all of the bills, you will get $50 for every article that you submit and is published. So the more you write, the more, naturally, you will get in your back pocket.

Feel free to write as much or as little as you want because we are always extremely happy to see what the wonderful students at Charles Sturt can offer. We have had students write one or two articles for us and then we have a couple of students who write for Charlie regularly. So Charlie can fit around your studies, lifestyles and wants and needs.

Open doors to new possibilities

Once you get started, the door to future possibilities opens as well. I was a contributor for Charlie for what feels like many years ago now back in 2018, when I became an official Communications Intern with the Charles Sturt Comms team. I then became the Charlie Editor at the start of 2020 which was quite an interesting year to say the least, but I am still here to this day as the Editor and am having the time of my life. One day that might happen for you too, but for now, get writing and have fun.

If you are interested in writing for Charlie, use our contact form to tell us your interests and what you would like to write about. Remember, you are the star and we want to hear about you and what makes you tick as a student. Charlie is the voice of the students, and this can’t be the case without students like you!

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