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Healthy habits to kick-start your New Year

Healthy habits to kick-start your New Year

Healthy habits to kick-start your New Year
Healthy habits to kick-start your New Year

Make your bed every morning.

This doesn’t mean you have to completely change and wash your sheets Every. Single. Day. But you’ll sleep and feel better if you shake out your doona, straighten your pillows, and throw your cushions back on your bed more often.

Making your bed is great for productivity. If you accomplish this first thing every morning, even something as inconsequential as making your bed, it’ll set the tone for the rest of your day. Not to mention it makes it more difficult to skip class and crawl back into bed, which we’re all guilty of.

Eat a rainbow.

We all know that fruit and veggies are good for you. After all, they do make up a large chunk of the food pyramid. Most people believe that particular fruit and veggies are more beneficial than others, but the best way to incorporate fresh produce into your diet is to eat fruits and veggies of all colours. Different coloured fruit and veggies provide different vitamins and nutrients.

By incorporating foods of every colour into your diet, you’ll be giving your body the best possible array of foods. Plus your plate will look pretty too, so you can post it on Instagram. It’s a win, win.

Up your water intake.

Being told to drink more water is pretty much a daily occurrence for most people. But being a uni student means a diet consisting of coffee and tequila. Which doesn’t leave much room for water.

You’ll soon realise drinking more water is a magical habit that can make you feel a million times better. Not only does it help your focus, but you’ll be surprised by how quickly you’ll recover from muscle soreness and even hangovers.

Start a journal.

Jotting your thoughts in a journal is not new. But whether you use a journal to write down how you feel or use it to plan your day, it can benefit your overall stress levels and mental health. It takes everything from your mind, and puts it onto paper.

To try something different, learn how to bullet journal. This new concept allows you to combine planning, health and habit tracking, as well as the traditional diary writing.

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