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Working for Charlie in 2020

Working for Charlie in 2020

I am definitely not the only one at Charles Sturt to say 2020 has been absolutely nuts. There have been many challenges to overcome but also new opportunities that wouldn’t have otherwise presented themselves. Having been the Editor of Charlie...

Get ahead in your journalism career

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a journalist, absolutely love story-telling and feel that writing comes naturally to you, read on! In this day and age, everyone is a publisher – whether sharing posts on Instagram, tweeting or updating a...

Why everyone should do work experience

There is a wealth of industry knowledge and networking that can be gained from work experience. Sure, we might have to do it unpaid but the practice and contacts you establish can pave the way for your dream career. As a student, I shared big dreams...

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10 Instagram accounts to match your degree

Graphic Design: You wont be a kid forever (or so they say), so better to follow this one without delay. The Design Kids is an Australian graphic design student and recent graduate club worth a follow. @thedesignkids        ...

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Make your mark in the journalism industry

by Angus Morrissey Journalism. In modern times it is widely acknowledged that the occupation is in some jeopardy. A range of jobs have become redundant in the industry and there is a shortage of roles on offer for budding journalists. So, what can...

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