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Working for Charlie in 2020

Working for Charlie in 2020

I am definitely not the only one at Charles Sturt to say 2020 has been absolutely nuts.

There have been many challenges to overcome but also new opportunities that wouldn’t have otherwise presented themselves.

Having been the Editor of Charlie for the past 11 months, I am sincerely proud of what we achieved during a pandemic that caused many activities, programs and businesses to close.

This year Charlie delivered crucial information for students and by students. 2020 has undoubtedly been the most important year for the Charlie blog, especially when so many students have transferred from on-campus to online study. Being Editor is one of the most important roles I have held while studying at Charles Sturt.

In March, most students moved off campus, our subjects went online, and our work situations went from stable to ‘It’s Complicated’. In the face of all this, student contributors kept writing and being published. One of my top experiences as Editor this year was being able to read great stories from contributors when life stresses and changing circumstances were against them.

We’ve had our regular contributors who have been in the Charlie family since before the start of the year, and have also welcomed many new writers. It’s simply been awesome to see. As a journalist and a student, I know it’s a proud moment and a great feeling to have your name on a published piece of work, especially when your peers are your friends and classmates.

We aim to produce content to help and engage students and we endeavour to always be a voice for the Charles Sturt community. This year we’ve published a huge range of stories from diverse voices. We have seen personal interest stories, travel, academic and study pieces and more recently student profiles, just to name a few. I know there will be lots more to come.

For me on a personal note, this year has been one of the most challenging years of my life, but it also has been the most enjoyable on a professional level. For the first time in my young journalism career, I am at the wheel of something big and meaningful. I have increased my communication and leadership skills, which is pretty important as a journalist. I have also met and made connections with awesome people and I hope to continue to make more in the future.

I must also thank all of the Charles Sturt staff in the Student Communications team that I have worked with over the last 11 months. In terms of organisation, direction and work ethic, they are awesome and are the reason many students know what the heck is happening within the walls of the university.

Working within the team during a global pandemic has shown just what it takes to be part of a well oiled machine. I am thankful that I have been a part of it and look forward to another year of being part of the team, not only for myself but also for the many students who look to Charlie for articles and advice that they want.

Thank you to all the students who write for Charlie, either as a one time contributor or as a regular and to all students who read us. Without you, there would be no Charlie.

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