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10 Instagram accounts to match your degree

10 Instagram accounts to match your degree

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Instagram icon. Image: abeautifulmessapp
  1. Screen sample of @thedesignkidsGraphic Design: You wont be a kid forever (or so they say), so better to follow this one without delay. The Design Kids is an Australian graphic design student and recent graduate club worth a follow. @thedesignkids






  1. Screen sample of @doctorswithoutbordersNursing: Not an Australian account, however many local doctors, nurses and supporters are linked to @doctorswithoutborders, it’s an inspiring organisation demonstrating fearless medical teams in action.






  1. Screen sample of @theeducatingenthusiastEducation: The public account of a real life teacher with posts from Northern Ireland, Brisbane and rural Queensland. @theeducatingenthusiast takes us on a journey into her colourful classrooms.






  1. Screen sample of @agricultureaustraliaAgriculture: If you‘re all about agriculture check out @agricultureaustralia to see what Australia is up to. This account features folk from across the land, with many stunning landscapes, fascinating close ups, with more than most being humorous.







  1. Screen sample of @emmamulhollandFashion Design: @emmamulholland is a fashion force of pattern, colour and unexpected outfits.







  1. Screen sample of @actors_caravanStage and Screen (Acting): The @actors_caravan is a unique head shot, and show reel service by actors. Follow this one for up-and-coming actors and to see when the services are available near you.






  1. Screen sample of @thencieIndigenous studies/law/exercise science/everyone: The National Centre of Indigenous excellence, @thencie is an all inspiring account across all fields and places.







  1. Screen sample of @satpaperJournalism: A gorgeous account with lots of re-grams from readers. Follow @satpaper, the Instagram account for the Melbourne based The Saturday Paper.







  1. Screen sample of @womenandanimationAnimation: Celebrate local female talent with @womenandanimation. The WANDAA Project aims to showcase the work of women in animation since the industry is fairly male dominated. From here you’ll be led to the best local talent in the field.






  1. Screen sample of @smalltowngirlprojectPhotography: @smalltowngirlproject is the Instagram account for Elize Strydom. This home grown photographer has been a long term traveller, with many incredible images capturing young people residing in small towns.






Image: abeautifulmessapp

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