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Drawing Hands Illusion by Mc Escher 1948

4 platforms that will put your art to work

Whether you’re a full time creative, occasional hobbyist or took a brief dive into abstract poetry that one whimsical summer – there’s a good chance you have a few old projects lying around that could be earning you extra cash...

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10 Instagram accounts to match your degree

Graphic Design: You wont be a kid forever (or so they say), so better to follow this one without delay. The Design Kids is an Australian graphic design student and recent graduate club worth a follow. @thedesignkids        ...

Why study an arts degree? – Amy Randell

Why study an arts degree? – Amy Randell

by Amy Carlon Third year art student, Amy Randell gave me the run down on why she loves studying creative art and design at CSU and what she hopes to do with her degree in the future: What degree are you studying? Bachelor of Creative Arts and...

10 must-have mark making tools for creative art and design

Last year was my first year as a graphic design student at CSU. I thought a laptop and a creative cloud subscription was all I needed to get creative. I was wrong. Instead, I found that my best ideas and a large portion of my assignments were either...

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