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Summer break plans?

by Emily Minter Well, holiday season is here. Phew! I’m certain we’re all feeling various emotions – ‘why did I put myself through that again?’, ‘I’m so glad I’m still able to smile’ or even ‘Wow! When does Session 1 start?’. But no matter what your...

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Five reasons CSU was my perfect match

By Sheriden Fyson I changed my life with CSU and you can too! Making the decision to go back to study at 33 was scary. But with the support and flexibility offered at CSU, changing careers is easier than you think! Here are five reasons why choosing...

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CSU gave me the flexibility to achieve

By Sarah Ellem Six years, one international move, three houses, one wedding, one honeymoon, two new jobs, one pregnancy, one child, a handful of medical misadventures, one dead 18-year-old cat, a 40th birthday, the odd holiday, hundreds of trips to...

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How going back to study can build your career

There are many benefits of choosing to go back to study. You can enrol in the course you’ve always wanted to do and pursue something you’re passionate about, or use further education to boost your current career. And now, with online...

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