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Five reasons CSU was my perfect match

Five reasons CSU was my perfect match

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By Sheriden Fyson

I changed my life with CSU and you can too!

Making the decision to go back to study at 33 was scary. But with the support and flexibility offered at CSU, changing careers is easier than you think! Here are five reasons why choosing CSU was the best decision I made.

  1. Flexibility of online study

I decided when I was 33 that I wanted a career change. My heart had been set on social work for a long time but I had no idea how I would achieve it. I had bills to pay and a life to live, and I couldn’t attend classes in the conventional way I had when I first studied at uni when I was 17. CSU was able to offer me the ability to study the degree I wanted online. It fit my needs completely and I always felt I had chosen the right uni.

  1. Making connections so you don’t feel so alone.  

It was a steep learning curve to go back to uni part-time while working, particularly as it was online. There wasn’t the option to meet students in class I had enjoyed in the past. CSU offers online forums for subjects where online students can connect and support one another. These connections allowed us to share knowledge and tips about how to study online while working and living a life. I didn’t feel isolated at all.

  1. CSU and social work are the perfect match.

Over time I realised that social work was my true calling, and that I needed to spend the rest of my working life doing something I was passionate about. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, but the team at CSU helped me every step of the way. CSU lecturers are experts in social work in Australia and attending residential schools allowed me to practise what I was learning in a hands-on environment. I am proud that I went to CSU for my social work education.

  1. CSU offers amazing support 

I can not fault the support I received from CSU.  When I first started, CSU helped me get credits for subjects so I could minimise how long the course would take me, and during my three-and-a-half years I always felt supported. I was always able to make contact with tutors and lecturers, and when doing placement, my field educators were wonderful. I never felt alone or isolated, once I got used to the difference between online and face to face study. I can’t speak highly enough of CSU.

  1. Lifelong learning 

I am a big believer in lifelong learning. In a world that is changing so rapidly, I don’t think we can afford to assume we will stay in one career forever. The choice to study in your 30s means you have the benefit of experience as well as time to make a meaningful career change. When I got out into the workforce after finishing my degree at 36, I was never made to feel old or that I had left it “too late”. I feel my age and life experience enhanced not only my learning at uni, but my work in my new career. I know this will be the same for others who choose this path… passions have no age limits, and I think mature learners and career changers are welcomed with open arms much more than ever. After all, choosing to sacrifice so much to change your career means it is truly desired, and in my opinion these are the kind of employees that organisations are after.

I am proud that I had the courage to pursue my dream. I feel I finally found the life I wanted all along, and I am excited about the possibilities the future holds. I am proud that I went to CSU for my social work education.

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