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Summer break plans?

Summer break plans?

by Emily Minter

Well, holiday season is here. Phew! I’m certain we’re all feeling various emotions – ‘why did I put myself through that again?’, ‘I’m so glad I’m still able to smile’ or even ‘Wow! When does Session 1 start?’.

But no matter what your thoughts were about Session 2 it never feels quite finished until we get those final marks back. You might even be feeling like ‘what’s the point?’ or ‘I’m not going to go back next year’ because of those final marks.

But don’t despair! We all have those bad sessions when family priorities come first, work takes precedence, friends want to catch up all the time, you just keep getting sick or simply aren’t motivated. Remember these sessions are just one-offs. You never have the same experience in every session. Over all the sessions I’ve completed over the past two years – they’re just all so different! I would really encourage you to stick at it. Hang in there! Next session might just be different!

But there’s a fair bit of time between now and Session 1. So, what are you going to do over the summer? Catch up on some sleep? Chill with friends? Work full-time and save money? Spend time with your hubby, kids, grandkids or parents? There are so many possibilities.

I approached the end of Session 2 with dread; I approach the end of every Session with dread. I’m full-time in the Bachelor of Arts. And I’m loving it. I also get bored very, very easily. That endless chore and responsibility of choosing how you’ll spend your days… So spare time gives me the heebie-jeebies. Obviously, there’s work and washing and cleaning and friends…but studying is so much more enjoyable!

Have you thought about doing a subject in Session 3?

There are so many pluses to studying in Session 3 with CSU.

1. It will fast-track your degree. You can do that one subject that will save a session at the end of your degree. If you have compulsory subjects that you’re leaving right till the end, use this time to get them over and done with, so to speak. It will also keep your brain in gear ready for Session 1!
2. It’ll give you something to do! If you get bored really easily (like me!) this will give you something valuable to do with your spare head space. I know the whole point of a break is to have spare head space, but sometimes it can become a burden rather than a pleasant change.
3. You can appreciate studying at a more relaxed pace. There aren’t as many subjects offered in Session 3 yet. It’s unlikely that you would be able to find a full-time load of subjects that are all offered in Session 3. This means you can choose one or two subjects to tick off and still have plenty of free time. If you use the summer break to save money and put in those extra hours at work, then you’d still have plenty of time to devote to this too.

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