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Emily explores Cambodia with CSU Global

By Emily Foy-Brown Charles Sturt University’s CSU Global short term program provided myself and seven other business students with the opportunity to travel to Cambodia during the recent mid-year break. Together we spent twenty days stalking...

CSU students riding waves of success

Three surfers from Charles Sturt University’s Port Macquarie campus will be representing CSU at the Australian University Surfing Championship in Port Macquarie from tomorrow!

Staying connected as a DE student

As distance education students, we can often feel like our study journey is a highly personal experience that we can’t share with friends or family. It’s easy to feel isolated as a DE student, but it’s important for both your...

5 tips to help you take better notes

We have all had those days where we tell ourselves “yep, this week I am going to stay on top of my studies and take great notes in the lecture (for once)” and then afterwards you realise that a) you took down about 3.5 words or b) you wrote down so...

Confessions: Moving from the city to the country

I grew up in a small country town called Grenfell so when I moved to Bathurst to study at CSU, I thought I had moved to a town that had everything! But this wasn’t quite the case for some of my friends who moved from Sydney and other cities across...

Keeping your wardrobe stylish on a student budget

It can be hard enough affording the basics of electricity, rent, travel and food when you’re on a limited student budget, so how do we keep our wardrobe stylish and on-trend without going into debt? Let’s look at some helpful tips to...

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