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Humans of Charles Sturt: Ash Corby

'As a child, I wanted to be a professional athlete but back when I was growing up girls didn’t receive the same kind of recognition as men, so back then it was only a dream to get paid to play sport. ‘

Happy World Coffee Day

I work as a Barista at the moment and have interacted with many people on a daily basis. This has allowed me to see the different flavours of people as coffee orders. Let’s unpack that a little...

What your coffee says about you

by Jenna Verhoeven Session 2 is well and truly upon us. For many of us, campus and the surrounding town feels as familiar as our left thumbs; we know where to go for last-minute study snacks and daily supplies of coffee. For some of us, we are fresh...

The front of the Village Bakehouse in Orange

Best places to eat in Orange

by Michael Hanrahan Over the past several years, Orange has been a growing hub for high quality food and drink establishments, as I’m sure most CSU Orange students already know. One of the most surprising things to find in Orange is that where the...

Outside sitting area at the Pot 'n' Kettle Coffee House.

Best places to eat in Wagga Wagga

On campus The Hub If you’re an on campus student, chances are that you know about the wraps at The Hub at CSU in Wagga Wagga. These wraps are best served with chicken schnitzel, lettuce, and tomato, however you can pick and choose your own...

Students with coffee

Coffee. (Need I say more?)

by Jenna Verhoeven As a fellow university student who lives by late-night study sessions, assignment deadlines, and enduring some very dry readings, I love coffee. As a practicing naturopath, who has an understanding and respect for my adrenal...

Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast - Oscar Wilde

The Best Ways to Become a Morning Person

In all my time at uni, I still haven’t met a morning person. Sure, some of us may get up early, but very few manage it without looking like zombies lugging around textbooks, and I’m certain no one enjoys it. When going to uni though...

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