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Best places to eat in Orange

Best places to eat in Orange

The front of the Village Bakehouse in Orange
The Village Bakehouse in Orange

by Michael Hanrahan

Over the past several years, Orange has been a growing hub for high quality food and drink establishments, as I’m sure most CSU Orange students already know. One of the most surprising things to find in Orange is that where the prices are reasonable there is no sacrifice in quality (a uni students dream). Just for us Central West CSU students, I have compiled the top three places for food and drink in Orange, so grab your pen and paper.

  1. Scrumptious on Summer Cafe

Well known for its coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Scrumptious cafe provides a comfortable atmosphere and makes your experience as positive as possible. The cafe menu highlights everything that is amazing about this cafe, with two major menus set for the warmer and colder months.

The food is undoubtedly consistent in taste and since the recipes have been adapted from home recipes of the cafe owners, you know your meal has actually had some thought to it. You’ll never feel unwelcome at Scrumptious Cafe, as the staff will always greet you and strive to make your time as comfortable as possible.

Most importantly the owners will almost always be in the cafe serving and conversing with their patrons, taking special interest in each unique individual. Scrumptious on Summer Cafe has achieved what few can, bringing together an entire community through food, beverage, good vibes and a sense of home.

  1. Bill’s Beans East Orange

Coffee snobs… you’re welcome. Uni students during the exam period… you’re also welcome. This place produces consistently good coffee. The cafe itself is small, but hosts a large portion of the coffee-loving population. You can also purchase their roasted coffee beans to take home. What few people know about Bill’s Beans Cafe is that they can make milk taste and feel like velvet.

This café will make you feel at home as the staff members remember your name, coffee order and engage in genuine conversation. Bill’s Beans also continues to amaze by offering a delicious assortment of foods. Here, you can guarantee that the baristas will brew your coffee to liquid perfection.

  1. The Village Bakehouse

A recent addition to the amazing cafes in Orange. The Village has skyrocketed in popularity for their iconic bakery selection. The bakery sits behind a glass barrier so that patrons can watch the evolution of the baked goods from basic pastry to a sinfully exquisite salted caramel doughnut. Every bite of their baked goods will only leave you dreaming of more during that afternoon lecture.

The service is great too — immediately after walking in, you’ll be greeted by friendly baristas. The reliable staff, good coffee and delicious baked goods provide a rustic feel that few establishments in Orange have been able to attain. The Village Bakehouse have made sure of no sacrifices for the prices they charge.


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