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Best places to eat in Wagga Wagga

Best places to eat in Wagga Wagga

Outside sitting area at the Pot 'n' Kettle Coffee House.
Outside sitting area at the Pot 'n' Kettle Coffee House. Image source:

On campus

The Hub

If you’re an on campus student, chances are that you know about the wraps at The Hub at CSU in Wagga Wagga. These wraps are best served with chicken schnitzel, lettuce, and tomato, however you can pick and choose your own ingredients. They’re all just as good. Not to mention you’ll be served with a smile. The ladies at The Hub are always up for a chat (even if it is thirty plus degrees in there). Even better, you can pay using your meal points. If you’re not a fan of wraps, don’t stress as The Hub offers daily specials around the $8-10 mark and are incredible.

The Hub has two seating areas – inside under the air-con with entertainment from the radio and TV’s, or in the outside sitting area.

The Crowbar

The Crowbar which is located next to The Hub, also offers daily specials. The main meal you need to keep your eyes peeled for is the chicken schnitzel. It’s the perfect Australian pub lunch that comes served with chips, gravy and salad (you’ll even get a real plate). You can even meet your friends who decided to eat at The Hub, as the seating areas are combined.

In town

Pot ‘n’ Kettle Coffeehouse

Some students don’t like the idea of eating in town unless it’s cheap takeaway. They would much rather stay at home and make a ham and cheese toastie to save money. However, the Pot ‘n’ Kettle is a go-to for uni students.

Alongside reasonable prices, you’ll be served fantastic food and barista-made coffee. Located at 10 Blake Street, a stone throw away from the Sturt Mall, it’s the perfect place for uni students to catch up. Or if you’re an out of towner you can make a day of it. The staff are also lovely and serve customers with a smile.

The Pot ‘n’ Kettle has a rustic sense, personalising the café to produce a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It’s highly recommended for brekkie, but also very suited to a coffee date with friends. With no added cost for an extra coffee shot, this place deserves a shout-out.

Image: Pot ‘n’ Kettle Coffee House

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